Canoe TrailAndroscoggin River Canoe TrailAndroscoggin River Canoe Trail

Androscoggin Canoe Trail Access Sites

Shelburne Bridge Meadow Road Town of Shelburne
Gilead Bridge Street, Gilead Private Landowners
Newt's Landing Ferry Road, West Bethel Mahoosuc Land Trust
Bethel Outdoor Adventure US Route 2, Bethel Bethel Outdoor Adventure
Davis Park Route 26, Bethel Town of Bethel
Moran's Landing US Route 2, Hanover Mahoosuc Land Trust
Hanover Boat Launch US Route 2, Hanover Town of Hanover
Hastings Landing US Route 2, Rumford Center Mahoosuc Land Trust
Rumford Boat Launch US Route 2, Rumford Town of Rumford

Androscoggin Canoe TrailAndroscoggin River Canoe TrailAndroscoggin River Canoe Trail

Androscoggin River Canoe Trail


If you enjoy kayaking and canoeing, you will love paddling the Androscoggin River as it flows from Shelburne, NH, through Bethel, and on past Rumford, ME. Mostly flatwater with a few rips along the way, the river is perfect for summer and fall family outings.

The River Trail offers public landing sites approximately every five miles From Shelburne, NH, to Rumford, ME, to allow for both long and short day trips. Mahoosuc Land Trust has worked steadily since 2001 to create these site, and owns and maintains Newt's Landing, and Moran's Landing.

The Mahoosuc Land Trust has collaborated with The National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program, the Androscoggin River Watershed Council, the towns of Shelburne, Gilead, Bethel, Newry, Hanover, Rumford, and the Maine Department of Conservation to create the Androscoggin River Trail.

View the online map - Click here, or you can purchase the printed version of the map.

The colorful and detailed map provides information for canoeists, anglers, guides, birdwatchers and anyoneinterested in the Androscoggin River between Shelburne, New Hampshire and Rumford, Maine. This section of the river is noted for its easy paddling and scenic views. There are only two small sets of rapids on this 42-mile section of the Androscoggin.

Dimensions: 23.5 inches by 17.5 inches Folded size: 8.75 inches by 4 inches
The map is printed on 70-pound paper and sold in a protective plastic bag.


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